PoryKon Counter Weight (5A MAY)

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PoryKon Counter Weight

This bearing counterweight design is the collaboration brainchild of six-time Hong Kong national 3A champion Ng Wang Kit and eight-time 5A champion Denny Ko.

It plays super fast, and has an inner bearing that keeps the string straight and true. The polygon shape fits easily into the hand from any angle, making it easy to snatch out of the air. The design succeeds in reducing misses and minimizing the effects of errors, such as the weight or your arm getting entwined in the string, or the weight hitting the yo-yo, causing it to lose spin. With the Porykon, these are all worries of the past; now you can relax and play 5A and focus on the important things rather than struggle with steep learning curve.

Official Description
When Denny (Ko Kwan Ho) was practicing AP2018 Freestyle on Jun 2018, he found out the normal counterweight circle on the string is not easy to pull out and it even becomes a knot. When Lowhand (Ng Wang Kit) knew that, he suggested to create a new counterweight to solve this problem.

After their initial discussion, there were two conclusions of design direction:
1. Design a diamond shape counterweight to decrease the contacting area of the string and counterweight.
2. Include ‘bearing system’ to auto-adjust the tightness of the string.

We used 3D print tech to be a pilot run and made different shape prototypes to found out the best shape and weight. When we tested our first prototype on July, we've found out a diamond shape counterweight could solve the problem as just mentioned more easily but the weight of top and bottom was not balance. The bottom is too light and it's weird to control the speed when doing some Bee Sting tricks. After that, Lowhand decided to adjust the shape of prototype to changed the weight distribution same as designing yoyo.

We've made different prototypes on July and finally got a perfect shape and weight distribution prototype on 7 August 2018. Besides, Denny used PoryKon final prototype to finished his freestyle of WYYC2018. During WYYC2018, we invited a lot of 5A players to try the final prototype and got many feedbacks. Concluded all feedbacks, we redesigned the final prototype to be smaller and lighter.

Cause 3D Print material's density wasn't available to make a smaller PoryKon, we've changed the material to POM. To satisfy more 5a players, we made PoryKon to become lighter and make it available to change the bearing to adjust the weight.

When we got the pre-production PoryKon on September, we also invited 2018 World yoyo champion Sora Ishikawa to try it. We were both agreed it was the perfect version. Finally, PoryKon was released on October!

From the beginning to the end, we faced a lot of problems but we still solved it luckily with long time working. This is our Mission and Passion. We are ProyKon Design Team! Let’s enjoy PoryKon!

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