PoryKon 2D Counter Weight

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PoryKon 2D Counter Weight

This special PoryKon counterweight is designed for "astro," or double dice play.

By outfitting your string with two counterweights, with the inner one able to slide along the string, you're able to play a 5A style known as "Astro," or double dice.

These counterweights are made using the classic PoryKon shape, but in two different sizes. The smaller weight is meant to slide along the string as the inside weight, with the larger of the two attached to the end of the string. Play with one, or play with both! This is a very versatile set for all kinds of 5A fun!

Small weight (with bead) weigh about 5.8 grams, and the larger weight is 8.6 grams (normal size PoryKon is 10.6 grams, for reference).

Official Description

It's our first astro model made in 3D-print.

Double-V shape body gives the player a comfortable grip feeling and easily to release the heavier dice.

Besides, a balancing weight between two dices makes the player more easily to control and feels like controlling a normal counterweight.

More Information

Brand PoryKon
Weight (g) 1.0

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