Oxygene KonKave Bearing (Size L)

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Oxygene KonKave Bearing (Size L)

An official KonKave bearing licensed from Dif-e-Yo, manufactured by Oxygene.

Oxygene has obtained a license from the American yo-yo maker Dif-e-Yo to make their own official KonKave bearings. Oxygene yo-yos use a bearing size popular in Europe (6x13x5).

As with the other official KonKave bearings, the shape is indented to a smooth concave shape, keeping the string centered on the bearing, fending off sleep loss to the extreme. The bearing itself built by Oxygene, but just like its Dif-e-Yo equivalents, it is high quality, built to resist rust and spin well for a lifetime. KonKave is currently the most popular bearing type for string tricks, with good reason.

For use with: Torino, Fury, Void, Competizione 3 Super Evo, B-Rush 2, etc

More Information

Brand Oxygene
Weight (g) 1.0
Bearing Type Dif KonKave / Dif Licensed Bearing
Bearing Size Size L (ILYY,OXY5)

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