Novus Accessory Container

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onedrop - Novus Accessory Container

A parts case, roughly the same size as a yo-yo.

This parts case is a high-quality godsend from onedrop. Use it to store your bearings, shims, pads and strings. Or jewelry. It's a case, put whatever you want in it!

There's an o-ring on the threads, giving a tight seal to help keep water and dirt away from your precious parts (the case is not guaranteed waterproof, so don't go throwing it in the pool).

Since the case is about the same size as a regular yo-yo, you can easily store it away in your favorite yo-yo case. Simple but stylish, it oozes onedrop's appeal. 50mm diameter, 25mm tall. Comes with 3 o-rings.

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Brand onedrop
Weight (g) 1.0

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