MRL-02 Shell

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Mowl x Yoyo Studio Llama x Shingo Terada - MRL-02 Shell

This customized body is the second shell made for the MRL, giving it a round shape and a tug-response setting.

Review from Shingo "Terry" Terada:
This shell is the second machined plastic shell we made for the MRL (hence the MRL-02 name), and is based on the body shape of the Freehand Zero, my old favorite model, with the help of Yo-Yo Studio Llama of course.

The biggest characteristic is probably that the MRL-02 is compatible with Raptor/Freehand Zero 48mm side caps. You can also install a size C- bearing with this shell, making your MRL a tug-response setting. The possibilities are vast! The round shape means a very comfortable fit in your hand; please give it a try!

*This product is a SHELL ONLY, and does not include the hub, axle, spacers, bearings or pads to make a playable yo-yo. Please order the MRL and customize it with this product.

*Installing the side caps may cause some vibes.

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Brand mowl x Yoyo Studio Llama x Shingo Terada

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