Mowl String XL

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Mowl String XL

This genuine Mowl string was custom-made by Kitty String.

Made in collaboration with Kitty String to achieve a custom color, this is the genuine Mowl string. Aside from the color, it is made identical to Kitty String XL.

Kitty String Review

This string is made in Japan and used by world-ranking players.

Kitty String is the high-end polyester string brought to you by Hiro Koba, made in Japan and popular amongst world-ranked players from all over.

This string is softer than the normal 100% poly strings, with a smooth slide to it but just enough stiffness to make it hold a beautiful shape during slack and laceration tricks.

Measuring in at 110-115cm, this string is perfect for long-string players, and of course you can cut it to your desired length. You can always shorten a string, but you can never make it longer! Expecting players to customize their string lengths, this string doesn't come with any finger-holes pre-tied.

Another special characteristic of this string is the use of a special technique called "inverse," meaning this string is made of strands with two different degrees of elasticity. The end of the string that attaches to the yo-yo has a lower degree of tension to it, which has the combined effect of delivering a more direct sense of control through the string, and it also helps keep the string centered on the bearing, which keeps it away from prematurely touching the response system. Combined with a concave or grooved bearing, this can boost the effect of a low-edged or bumped response area, and enhance your yo-yo's stability.

The rest of the string, that you'll manipulate during play, has a different level of tension in the twist, to adjust the apparent elasticity of the string to be more comfortable for string trick play. On the contest stage, where a minor mistake can be the death of a freestyle, this design can be a real lifesaver!

Coming in the Normal, Fat, and XL (in order of increasing thickness), choose your size to match your preference. The thicker the string, generally the stronger the yo-yo's response will be, and the lower chance there will be of a bind-miss. Thicker strings are also better suited for laceration style tricks, and the string will beautifully hold its shape in the air. When you throw, the power of your yo-yo will more readily be felt through the string, as if it were a nerve in your own body. Stronger binds will also translate to more spin on the next throw, giving you a secret power-up.

This string comes wrapped in a 100-count string strap, which makes it easy to pull out a string at the time, without getting them tangled and messy.

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