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Monkey fingeR Design - MFD Monkey Snot

In lieu of pad response systems, check out these tubes of silicone.

These syringes hold a silicone response material you can inject directly into your yo-yo's response area (please let set for 24 hours before play). For response gutters deeper than 1mm there should be no issue, but shallower response systems may have trouble holding on to the yo-yo. After applying a layer slightly shallower than the response gutter, take a dry cloth and wipe off the edges.

Merits compared to pads: one syringe contains enough material for more than three yo-yos, making it a good deal. You can choose how thick you want your pads to be. The cool colors are a nice change from the boring response pads. Lastly, they're hard to come unstuck.

Cons compared to pads: Until you're used to the process, it's hard to get the thickness just right, and even when you want to remove the response snot, it's not easy.

Since this is a more difficult product to use, we recommend it for more advanced players.

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