Markmont. Formulas String x5

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‌Markmont. Formulas String x5

Official Description

All formulas are 100% polyester

Medium thickness = stock Kitty
Thick = Kitty Fat


Last 1/year+ per string with washes

(white, thick, whips fast, stiff)
The original Markmont. signature string. Plays very fast and stiff to the touch. Whips, slacks and lacerations are incredibly swift. You can actually hear your whips as a result of the speed. Allows for good amount of technical play regardless of its thickness.

Cumulus Foam
(fluorescent yellow, thick, whips fast, distinct juicy in feel)
Has a very 'juicy' feel to it. As thick as DRAGON but softer on the finger. Very fast whips, slacks and lacerations. You can feel a 'weighted' feel when using this string.

Cirrus Foam
(fluorescent yellow, standard thickness, whips fast, punctual in play)
Same material as Cumulus Foam, but thinner. Allows for more ease of technical play. Fast whips, lacerations and slacks. Good for competition because sticky hands don't affect it as much as most strings.

Blue Eyed White Dragon 'the Denim String'
(white/blue swirl, thick, whips fast, firm pebbled texture, bouncy, punctual in play)
Same material as DRAGON but with the addition of a blue stripe. Plays more controlled then DRAGON. Twisted tightly to have a more spring-like play style and more pebbled glide across the finger. Whips, slacks and lacerations are incredibly swift and audible.

(white, standard thickness, whips fast, stiff, very tactile/punctual in play)
Same material as DRAGON but thinner. Allows for ease of dense technical play. The combination of standard thickness with the speed this material moves makes it enjoyable to be punctual and accurate. Holds its forms very well.

Copernicus 'Copi'
(pink, thick, whips fast, soft but cool to the touch, bouncy, *best against hot/sticky weather)
Soft to the touch and across finger. Whips, slacks and lacerations swiftly with a hint of speed sound. Best against sticky weather conditions based on its material. Plays with a 'lot' of bounciness


Last 1 - 5+ weeks per string with washes

(florescent yellow, medium thickness, standard speed, soft but punctual as a result of tight string twist)
A modern day version of the oldschool string 'Slick 6'. Has a very 'classic' play style but with improved feel and performance. Soft across the finger without getting too hot. Twisted tightly for a 'little' bit of crunch texture to improve on punctual feel.

(peppermint color, standard thickness, soft but dense)
Has a soft but dense 'wheat' like texture. Has a 'rope' like feel w/o feeling overly heavy or slow. You can feel the string texture on finger which gives you a good sense of control as a result. Great for oldschool style of play.

(pink, standard thickness, soft but textured)
Same material as Amy but with a slightly more dry feel in texture. Has a bit of natural spring to it as a result of the string twist. Great for oldschool style of play.

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Brand Markmont.

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