Looping Shim for Loop720 - Initiator (4pcs)

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Looping Shim for Loop720 / Initiator (4pcs)

This special stainless steel shim is for customizing the gap width for looping yo-yos like the Loop720 and Initiator, that make use of spacers. This slightly opens up the gap over the standard setting, giving you fine control over your looping yo-yo's performance.

You can even use multiple shims to further adjust your yo-yo's performance, to discover the setting that's perfect for you.

This shim can be installed between the bearing and spacer, or between the spacer and the body. Your installation choice will change the looping playfeel of your yo-yo, so we recommend testing and finding the perfect match for you.

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Brand From Japan
Weight (g) 1.0

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