Legend (Japan Charity Yo-Yo) [All Sales goes to Japan Red Cross]

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Legend (Japan Charity Yo-Yo) [All Sales goes to Japan Red Cross]

The proceeds for this item go 100% to the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami disasters in the north-eastern region of Japan.

When you add this product to your cart, it is effectively a direct donation to the Japan Red Cross, in support of the recent disaster victims in the Touhoku (north-eastern) region of Japan. 100% of the amount listed will be given directly to the Red Cross.

Please DO NOT order this item on its own. If you order this item by itself, we will not ship anything and we will simply donate the entire payment from you to Japan Red Cross, including the shipping cost.

If you wish to donate to the disaster relief through us, please add this item to your cart IN ADDITION to your regular purchase of yo-yos and accessories. Because the cost of shipping is actually greater than the donation amount (as we already take on a large portion of shipping costs to keep our shipping prices fixed), it is counter-productive to allow these items to be purchased on their own. If you are interested just in donating, check the link below to the Red Cross.

Private, individual donations can also be made:
In case you wish only to donate to the disaster relief, and aren't making any purchases at REWIND, please click the following link and donate directly to the Japan Red Cross. Direct donations will be the quickest, most effective way to donate to the relief efforts.

Japan Red Cross

*Although you will receive a small token of our appreciation for your purchase, it's best to think of this item as a donation to the Red Cross, and not as a purchase of any product. We would have liked to include a "donation-only" product, but our system does not allow us to have a product without any physical item to ship to our customers. In order to create this donation product for you, the items are but a small sacrifice to raise funds for disaster relief.

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