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YoYoJam - Lateral Cap

This cap is concave in the center, for "Top On" style tricks.

This cap was designed for "Top On" style tricks, where the yo-yo spins horizontally as it's balanced on your finger. The center of the cap is concave, and the cap tightly affixes to the body, making for smooth grinds and high control during play. The slick surface makes for clean, long grinds on your fingernails, but for even longer spins, try using a glove.

For use with YoYoJam's Quest, Go Big, Rextreme2.0, and Rextreme (2012 November edition and later).

Diameter: 48.00mm
Thickness: 8.84mm
Weight: 2.6g per side

sold in packs of two, for a single yo-yo.

*Blue and Black are Lateral Cap 2.

>> REI IWAKURA Promo Video (Using the Rextreme2.0 with Lateral Caps)

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