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‌yoyofriends - Koi

A blast from the past! Koi bucks all modern trends as a classic round metal yo-yo.

This classic round metal yo-yo is brought to you by yoyofriends, and defies the current trends in modern yo-yo design. The artwork reflects the name, with a "Koi" fish motif. The design also defies the use of straight lines, as it's a totally rounded profile. The naming is part of this design as well. To date, yoyofriends has released the Peregrine, Magpie, Hummingbird and Sunbird, all inspired by birds, and all containing straight lines in their profiles. The Koi represents a conceptual departure, moving from the air to the water, and the different taste represented by this new design.

It's slightly on the heavy side at 66 grams, but thanks to the profile it has a very nice soft feeling that really fits well. Thanks to the 7068 aluminum body, the axle area is made extra thin, so that there's a lot more weight distributed to the outer edge than you can see at first glance. Compared to the old classics, the Koi is a huge power-up in performance, without changing any of the outward appearance.

Official Description

KOI showcases a different side of yoyofriends by focusing on flow and feel. It has an overall organic shape that still packs performance. KOI has an optimized center/rim weight distribution to give a relaxed experience when throwing normally. It also has optimized power and acceleration to handle all the tricks when pushed. KOI is the everyday carry that gives users a fun and pleasant experience no matter the situation.

More Information

Brand yoyofriends
Series None
Signature -
Style String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
age Not Mentioned
Designed In China
Release Year 2020
Weight (g) 66.0
Diameter (mm) 55.97
Width (mm) 43.94
Trapeze Width (mm) 41
Body Shape Round
Body Material Aluminum (7068)
Rim N/A
Bearing Type Center Trac Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)
Response System Slim (OD 19mm)
Axle M4 x 10mm
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Bind Required
Surface Smooth Processed
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required


StringC3 Pro String (Fat) x100
BearingCLYW x iYoYo Pixel Bearing
PadREWIND Japan Pad
MaintenanceYYF DARK MATTER Lubricant

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