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On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan (known as Typhoon Jolanda in the Philippines) hit the Philippine archipelago. It is the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record. Its destructive force caused flooding, landslides, and intense, high-speed winds, which resulted in upward of 6100 confirmed deaths, with 11 million more people affected, many left homeless, by the storm.

At REWIND, our first concern was finding out the status of our friends in the Philippines, including Kitty String owner Hiro Koba. Once we were able to contact him and confirm his safety, we also confirmed that he will still, as before, be able to keep providing REWIND with Kitty String. However, according to Hiro Koba, the havoc wreaked by Typhoon Haiyan is still being felt by the people of the Philippines, many of whom continue to suffer in its wake.

We asked Hiro Koba, "Is there something we can do together to help?" and thus, the idea for a special run of Charity String was born.

This special run of Kitty String is Polyester 100% Normal. The colors chosen represent the colors of the national flag of the Philippines.
The number of each color in a pack is random, but they total 10 strings per pack.

When you add this product to your cart, the US$5 you spend is effectively a direct donation to the Japan Red Cross, to help the recent disaster victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. 100% of the amount listed will be given directly to the Red Cross to support the recovery effort.

Please DO NOT order this item on its own. If you order this item by itself, we will not ship anything and we will simply donate the entire payment from you to Japan Red Cross, including the shipping cost.

If you wish to donate to the disaster relief through us, please add this item to your cart IN ADDITION to your regular purchase of yo-yos and accessories. Because the cost of shipping is actually greater than the donation amount (as we already take on a large portion of shipping costs to keep our shipping prices fixed), it is counter-productive to allow these items to be purchased on their own. If you are interested just in donating, check the link below to the Red Cross.

Private, individual donations can also be made:
In case you wish only to donate to the disaster relief, and aren't making any purchases at REWIND, please click the following link and donate directly to the Japan Red Cross. Direct donations will be the quickest, most effective way to donate to the relief efforts.

Japan Red Cross

*Although you will receive a small token of our appreciation for your purchase, it's best to think of this item as a donation to the Red Cross, and not as a purchase of any product. We would have liked to include a "donation-only" product, but our system does not allow us to have a product without any physical item to ship to our customers. In order to create this donation product for you, the items are but a small sacrifice to raise funds for disaster relief.

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