KittyString Classic (NYLON) Fat x10

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KittyString (NYLON) Fat x10

With a completely different feeling from cotton and polyester strings, here comes the Nylon K-String.

K-String's main offerings are 100% polyester, but these strings are made from nylon (yes, the kind that windbreakers and stockings are made from).

The nylon has even more slip than polyester, and is even smoother for tough tricks that utilize layered mounts, causing less sleep loss. The nylon opens up beautifully for suicide catches and other slack-type tricks. The string is about the same thickness as K-String's "normal" string.

Fat string is a little thicker than Normal, giving it a more responsive feel, for tight binds (which means your next throw is going to have some intense spin on it!).

*Nylon is more susceptible than polyester to melting, so avoid using this string with yo-yos that use a starburst response system, or fixed axle models. Friction can lead to injury, kids!

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Jeremy Kuyah
Nylons are pretty nice..

"polyester is the way to go".

Well. That depends. Poly and nylon definitely got different feeling on the fingers when playing. But if you're the type to play with gloves. Then no worries!

As mentioned in the description, it is a bit slippy. But it's not exactly a bad thing. It definitely depends with your setups. Take for example, you have that one yoyo which is very grabby, a nylon type may prevent from being too grabby.

A good choice. And I'm getting myself liking this more and more now. Poly still great, obviously! But nylon's also a good option.


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