Kitty String (Poly100%) "First-Class" Whip x100

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Kitty String Whip x100
100% polyester string used by world-class players.

K String (Kitty String) is a 100% polyester string made by Hiro-Koba. It is used by many world-class players and is favored by players from all over the world.

It is softer than ordinary 100% polyester strings, and features a smooth slip and a clean loop that forms when doing tricks such as laceration or slack stringing.

It is also recommended for those who prefer longer strings because of its length (110cm-115cm). Of course, if you prefer a shorter string, you can cut it to your own length! In order to have it fit your own length, the finger holes are not made from the beginning.

We use a special technique called "Inverse", which means that two different tensions are applied to a single string.

In the "yo-yo attachment area," the area near the string bearings and pads, the tension is set to be weak, making it easier to feel the string directly when launching and controlling the yo-yo. The weaker resistance also makes it easier to fix the string in the center of the bearing, which increases the stability of the yo-yo.

The "trick play area" is the area where fingers actually touch or interfere with the string when performing tricks, and as in the past, the tension is adjusted to be suitable for play.

This construction is reliable even on the big stage, where the slightest control error can be fatal.

WHIP" is the most "flying" string in the K-string range, not too thick, but hard enough to make the string fly.

It is made of 100% polyester, and although the thickness is about fat, the string is made to be quite stiff, so that the strings will fly with great force when serrated.

The bundle of 100 strings is held together by a band called a "string strap. By holding the slap part and pulling out the string, you can easily pull out the strings and avoid tangling when storing them.

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Bentley Thomas

Great yoyo string 100 for 20 is a good deal kitty string is my go-to yoyo string.

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