JPLS Disassembly-proof Nut Set For Loop Up

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JPLS Disassembly-proof Nut Set For Loop Up

This is a special part for the Japan Looping Solutions Loop Up yo-yo.

With this nut installed, the yo-yo is unable to unscrew itself without the use of tools. For situations where it's unacceptable for your yo-yo to come apart, such as contests or performances, we recommend using this part for added confidence.

>>How To Use the Loop Up Disassembly-proof Nut Set

How to use the Disassembly-proof Nut Set
*Adjustments will require the 6mm wrench (sold separately).

1. Use a suction cup to remove the side cap from the half of the yo-yo where the gap adjustment nut is NOT installed.
2. insert the black shim and install the thin Disassembly-proof nut, the friction between these parts will keep the yo-yo from coming apart during play. Re-install the side cap.

*Always use the black shim with the thin nut.
Because there isn't much exposed threading, it's possible to cross-thread if you aren't careful
*Try not to over-tighten the nuts.
cross-threading can damage and break the axle.

Set includes: 2x thin nut, 2x black shim

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I actually had my JPL Loop Up come apart just practicing so I can see how valuable these would be for a contest!

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