Joker-Pad Slim (YYF) 1 pc

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Type: Type 30
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Joker-Pad Slim (YYF) 1 pc

This response pad is made by YoYoJoker, and can also be used on YoYoFactory and C3yoyodesign models.

This pad is a Genuine YoYoJoker response pad.

The "Type" number indicates the pad's hardness; the higher the number, the harder the pad. The harder the pad, the weaker the pad's response, and a lower number means a more responsive pad.

*This pad is sold individually. The price is per unit.

For use with YYF CBC pad (formerly known as K-pad) Large Slim size, and YoYoJam O-ring silicone response systems (ex: Superstar, Protostar, Speeder2, Phenomizm, etc.)

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Brand YoYoJoker

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