IrPad (Duncan) Thin

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IrPad (Duncan) Thin

Long life and a balance between sleeping and response, even amongst other high-quality silicone pads, the IrPad is top-class.

This response pad was developed by 2007 East Japan 1A champion, Ryosuke Iwasawa. Naturally, he chose to make it from silicone, giving a fine balance between sleeping and response. You’ll feel such a difference that your yo-yo will feel like it has evolved into something different. Its durability is also remarkable; due to its wear-resistant material, it stays at the ideal thickness longer. It took a lot of trial and error to develop the ultimate response pad, be sure to get a few with your yo-yo purchase!

This is a thin pad, with a slightly weaker response than the thick model, giving long sleep a higher priority. Of course, you could also use one thick and one thin pad for a midway setting.

Its resilience and long life are special traits, but they will eventually wear out and the yo-yo’s response will become sluggish. At that time, please replace the pad. You can cleanly peel off the pad by using a toothpick or tweezers to pry up the seal from the bottom. Give it a try!

To be used with: Freehand, Throw Monkey, Metal Zero, etc
*Please note that sometimes yo-yo specs change with subsequent releases, please be sure that this pad will fit your yo-yo before purchasing.

*This pad is sold individually; the price is for one pad.

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Brand IrPad
Weight (g) 1.0

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