IrPad 2011 (YYF Slim-YYJ Ring) Thin

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Iwasawa chose high grade silicone for his response pads; their balance between tight response and smoothness makes them a fantastic choice, surely you will be amazed by your yo-yo's sleep time, and how tightly it binds. The silicone material is especially resistant to wear, giving you tons of play time before you'll need to switch out pads. Iwasawa put all of his expertise into developing these pads, try them out with a compatible yo-yo and feel the difference for yourself.

These pads are considerably long-lasting, but they will eventually wear out and you'll feel the response begin to slip a little. Replace the pads by pulling the old one out with a toothpick or tweezers.

This is the 2011 version of the pads, and one of the major changes has been an increase of strength in the adhesive backing. This reduces the chances of the pads coming off unexpectedly. The adhesive also doesn't melt nearly as much, making switching pads a quicker and less messy experience. On top of the added performance you will get from your yo-yo, we can't recommend these pads highly enough.

This price is for a single pad, so be sure to buy plenty.

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