Instruction DVD by Taka

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Instruction DVD by Taka

Yo-yo Master TAKA's very own yo-yo trick instruction DVD.

From the easiest way to throw the yo-yo to complex practical tricks, TAKA walks you through 50 different tricks in this instructional compilation DVD.

Yo-Yo Master TAKA draws on his extensive experience to create easy-to-understand advice and instructions, making this DVD a great help for beginners. Sometimes in slow and super-slow motion, Taka gives explanations that will make really difficult tricks go down much more easily.

Not just tricks, TAKA explains yo-yo maintenance, changing and tying strings, and other useful advice for your yo-yo lifestyle. Even if you don't get it at first you can always hit the replay button. This DVD is very convenient for beginners, and contains all the secrets you need to get off your feet.

*This DVD is in Japanese only, and is region-free.

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