HyperCluster Bearing Set MB2-S3 Sleeping Edition

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HyperCluster Bearing Set MB2-S3 Sleeping Edition

The MB2-S3 Bearing Set is your new best friend for string tricks, giving you more sleep time than ever.

This metal bearing is a new and improved version of the Metal Bearing (MB) that comes standard with the original HyperCluster set. It's larger than the original, giving it the new designation MB2. In addition, it comes with spacers especially made for a bearing of this size, the S3 (because the S1 and S2 spacers cannot be used with a bearing of this size).

This set is designed to give you excessive long sleepers, for extended combo tricks. This works very well with the BlazeGriffon series.

Package includes Metal Bearing MB2 x1, Metal Spacer S3 x2, and a customize guide (Japanese).

More Information

Brand Bandai Hyper Yo-Yo
Weight (g) 1.0
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Bearing Size Size A (Duncan)

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