HyperCluster Bearing Set MB-S1 Looping Edition

Bandai Hyper Yo-YoSKU: hyper-cluster_bearingset-mbs1

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HyperCluster Bearing Set MB-S1 Looping Edition

This bearing set is designed to give you great spin and strong response, with a Metal Bearing and Plastic Spacer.

This set contains the Metal Bearing (MB) and Plastic Spacer (S1). By loading onto your HyperCluster, you can see a great improvement in its spin, without sacrificing the yo-yo's responsiveness.

Package includes Metal Bearing MB x1, Plastic Spacer S1 x2, and a customize guide (Japanese).

More Information

Brand Bandai Hyper Yo-Yo
Weight (g) 1.0
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Bearing Size Size K (Loop720)

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