Hyper Yo-Yo Super Trick Book (DVD incl.)

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Hyper Yo-Yo Super Trick Book (DVD incl.)

This is highly recommended for beginners. Learn how to build a strong foundation of tricks to put them to practical use in making your own freestyles. Comes with instructional DVD!

This is for newcomers to the yo-yo scene. The book describes very clearly how to do basic to practical tricks. Very thorough, but easy to understand, it goes beyond the normal yo-yo trick books. Includes How to Yo-Yo manga, Advice from Judge Manny, and instructions for how to properly wind your strings. For a newcomer to yo-yo, this is the only book you need! Letters and images are big and easy to understand, so elementary school children can easily read it on their own.

Super level tricks like "loop the loop" are also described within, not to mention ultra-level difficulty tricks! Comes with a super level trick guide DVD, so you can practice along with the Top Spinners. Not only yo-yoing, the DVD also includes special bonus footage with the Top Spinners. You'll have to see it for yourself!

*These products are made in Japan, and are only available in Japanese. (Please also note that the DVD is Region 2, and may only be playable on a Region 2 or Region Free DVD player.)

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