Hyper Yo-Yo Keychain 2

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Hyper Yo-Yo - Keychain 2

The second release of the popular Hyper Yo-Yo miniaturized keychains.

This is the new batch of Hyper Yo-Yo keychains, in capsule game form. This time the lineup is Mercury (purple and blue), Spin Phoenix (Black and Red), Windorbit (Blue and Green), making a total of 6 possibilities. They are truly miniaturized versions of the real deal, and come with a ball chain attachment to be used as a keychain. It even comes with a special thin string that you can attach in place of the keychain attachment, and actually use it like a real yo-yo! This is really difficult, but a good challenge to try!

In the true spirit of capsule games, these are random, so until you open it you won't know what to expect, so enjoy the anticipation as you wait for your order to arrive. Please note that even if you order several at once, you may get doubles; that's just the nature of capsule games!

*The Spin Phoenix in the photo is just for size comparison

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Brand Bandai Hyper Yo-Yo
Weight (g) 1.0

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