hkmt equipment off string string prototype medium x30

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hkmt equipment - Off String String Prototype Medium

Takumi Hakamata's signature string, Medium Version!

Maker Comments:
This is the first run of hkmt equipment's owner Takumi Hakamata's signature string!

We started developing this string about a year ago, and tested about 20 different prototypes, using contests as the ultimate test for our strings. This version is our most successful prototype, and so we've decided to make it available as a test release.

The slippage of the string, and the slack style of tricks that have become popular lately can sometimes cause the yo-yo to abruptly return on its own, and we used strings of different thickness in our design to prevent this from happening.

We've made two different versions of the string, with different thickness and levels of softness.

This is the MEDIUM version, and is slightly thicker and stiffer than the slim version. It's perfect for yo-yos with wider gaps, and tight binds!

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Brand hkmt equipment
Weight (g) 1.0

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