Happo (B-Grade)

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Shuriken Yoyos - Happo

Shuriken YoYos' first bimetal design!

This is a Happo B-grade. There may be some uneven coloring and slight blurring. There is no problem for normal use.

This is the first bimetal yo-yo created by Shuriken Yoyos, a company that develops yo-yos based on a unique theme, using a shuriken as its motif.

The sharp, straight shape, which is reminiscent of an eight-sided (Happo) shuriken, is the result of a design approach that "specializes in ease of operation," and as the manufacturer itself states, it features an extremely smooth sensation of acceleration when mounted on the string.

...Or rather, you can feel the ease of speed even if you just pinwheel. The weight is average for its size and it has a stainless steel rim, but somehow the whole thing glides smoothly with a swish. It is both a wonder of design and a simple high performance yo-yo.

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Brand Shuriken Yoyos

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