Graou String THICK x 1

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Graou String THICK x1

A special string, thicker and harder than normal string.

A new, unique string has landed from France. French player Matthieu Marechal makes these strings by hand from 100% polyester. That in itself isn't too unusual, but these strings have several unique features.

The first is the hardness of the string. Harder string is particularly good for slack and laceration tricks where you cleanly draw a trajectory with your string to land, for which you often have to put a lot of power into the whipping action to get a clean shape with the string. These Graou strings create super clean lines with minimal effort, making them superb strings for this type of trick.

Their other standout feature is their durability. These strings somehow manage to last for 20 times longer than normal strings, repelling dirt and staying bright through days of solid play. You might balk at the price at first, but when you see how long these strings last, you'll realize it's actually a pretty reasonable cost.

The Graous come in several colors, ranging from monochromatic to mixes of 3 colors. The price is for a single string. This is the THICK version, for the THIN version, check the related items panel.

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