FP Spacer (Thin)

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Duncan - FP Spacer (Thin)

With a slight adjustment to your yo-yo's gap width, you can find the perfect setting for you with this spacer.

These spacers are made to slight tweak your yo-yo's responsiveness and performance, through a widening of the gap. You can load this spacer on almost any yo-yo using a size A bearing. Please double check to make sure your yo-yo is compatible with this part.

By switching out the spacer and washer on one side with this spacer (if you don't have a washer, just switch out the spacer with this one), your gap will widen, increasing the smooth operation and reducing responsiveness of your yo-yo. This is a great way to break into bind-response play, letting you step up your game without forcing you to abandon your old favorite throw. Just one spacer on one side of the yo-yo should be enough to achieve these effects, but you can also opt to use one on each side for even wider gaps.

This part is sold individually.

We've tested this part to use with the following yo-yos: Freehand, FH Zero, Throw Monkey, Flying Panda, and Hyper Cluster (with the Pad Core and Star Core).

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Brand From Japan
Weight (g) 1.0

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