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mowl - Flex

Flex is the signature model of European 4A champ, Fery Procházka.

Fery is the 2018-19 European off string champion, and also the Czech National champion of 2019, and the Flex is his new signature throw.

With a big diameter and width, it feels very generous and easy to hit pretty much all 4A style tricks. The impressive size helps support beginners to off string all the way to the contest stage, where a miss can mean the difference between victory and disaster. Players of all levels will enjoy higher hit rates, raising the floor all around to make it easier to step up to the next level, and try more dynamic and risky moves.

From the side you can see that it has a slight inverse round look to it, which is designed to make it easier to catch the spinning body on your finger for grind tricks.

The side face design concentrates some of the weight as a sort of faux "inner rim weight," which gives a slight power-up and prevents too much energy lost due to the wide body. For a relatively lightweight off string yo-yo, it has a nice amount of easy power that comes out with a casual toss. For a great, stable 4A throw that's perfect for all levels, the Flex is here to serve!

More Information

Brand mowl
Series None
Signature Fery Procházka
Style Off String (4A)
age Not Mentioned
Designed In Japan
Release Year 2020
Weight (g) 71.9
Diameter (mm) 76.0
Width (mm) 67.94
Trapeze Width (mm) 63
Body Shape Step Round
Body Material POM (Celcon / Duracon / Delrin etc.)
Rim N/A
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)
Response System Slim (OD 19mm)
Axle M4 x 16mm
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Tug Return
Surface Smooth Processed
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required

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