FISTSALUD FIST String (Slim & Soft) x50

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FISTSALUD FIST String (Slim & Soft) x50

Thin and soft string for all styles.

A collaboration between FISTSALUD and K-string, this string was created to accommodate all five major styles.

It is slightly thicker than the conventional FISTSALUD loop string, so it can be used for fine-tuning looping yo-yos, and its unique blend of special nylon and polyester makes it very slippery.

The unique combination of nylon and polyester also makes it very smooth. The blend also makes the string fly and hold its shape much more easily than thinner strings, which is surprisingly adaptable for slack tricks. This string satisfies the wish of players who don't mind if the string isn't quite as floaty as a fat string, but still want to be able to throw slack type tricks.

At 120 cm in total length, it is longer than regular strings, allowing for a wider range of settings. Just cut to length and show us what you can do!

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