FISTSALUD Loop String Lite (Old) x10

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FISTSALUD Loop String Lite x10

Specially designed for looping, the Lite is a slim smooth whip.

FISTSALUD, the yo-yo team that broke across national borders and went beyond the borders of yo-yo itself, now brings you the looping string that binds them all together!

A custom blend of polyester and nylon was developed with the help of top competition players, tested over several iterations to find the best balance of materials. This string delivers an amazing sense of control, necessary for looping play. It supports long sleeps for around-the-world style tricks, but is unmatched for looping performance as well. You can really feel the extensive development that went into this string.

At 85cm, these strings are designed to be just long enough for looping, so even if you cut them down you aren't wasting a lot of material. Whether you're a newcomer to looping play or a 2A champion, we can't recommend this string enough!

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