Fire Circuit (Multi-Color LED)

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Shinwoo - Fire Circuit (Multi-Color LED)

This circuit board is what brings the fire to Shinwoo's Techno Fire and Loop Fire yo-yos.

The Fire Circuit has a multi-color LED to bring light and life to any yo-yo that can handle it. This can be used as a replacement part for the Techno Fire and Loop Fire, if the original board gets lost or damaged somehow.

Centrifugal force from the spinning yo-yo presses the spring against the battery, closing the loop and lighting up the LED, making sure it only lights up during play. This design is very simple and more economical than a switch, reducing the frequency it needs to be replaced. Before, red-only LEDs were the only available option, but this model now switches between red, green, and blue lights, all using the same LED, for an even brighter performance. Even more interesting, this circuit can be loaded onto any number of yo-yos (such as the Big Ben, Journey, Freehand, etc) for that dazzling effect.

Please note that neither REWIND nor the maker can be responsible for any damage you do to your yo-yo during modification or maintenance.

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