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YoYoJam - Fiesta

The new standard for off string yo-yos. 2007-2009 4A US National Champion, Bryan Figueroa's signature model.

Three time National Champion, Bryan Figueroa is constantly pushing the envelope with his ambitious off string tricks, and his signature model has been eagerly anticipated by 4A players. Fiesta inherits the 4A crown from the best-selling Aquarius (Our own Hironori Mii's signature model), making it the new standard in off string excellence.

The Fiesta's body is very close to the Aquarius in shape and size, but this is where it departs from YoYoJam's conventions. Its most noticeable difference is the new mid-size bearing it uses, and although it uses the legendary four-hole response system, the holes are moved away from the bearing for a slightly weaker response. Fans of the Aquarius who were frustrated by the yo-yo biting unintentionally during play will be very pleased with this development, and can even loosen the gap for an even more forgiving response.

As off string yo-yos go, the Fiesta is on the light side, and its plastic body has a light feeling during play, for long practice without wearing you out. The polycarbonate is also good at preserving string loss even if you miss a trick; the Fiesta will bounce back straight up without losing too much spin for quick recovery.

All these features make for a great off string yo-yo for newcomers and advanced players alike, at a comparatively reasonable price. The festive design on the mirror side cap is an understatement of how fun this yo-yo can be.

>>Bryan Figueroa - Fiesta PV

Fiesta - Bryan Figueroa from Gabriel Lozano on Vimeo.

More Information

Brand YoYoJam
Series None
Signature Brian Figueroa
Style Off String (4A)
age Not Mentioned
Designed In USA
Release Year 2010
Weight (g) 68.6
Diameter (mm) 76.93
Width (mm) 50.23
Trapeze Width (mm) 47
Body Shape H-Profile
Body Material Plastic (Polycarbonate/ABS/PS)
Rim N/A
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Bearing Size Size F (Fiesta)
Response System Holes
Axle -
Spacer None
Bind Tug Return
Surface None
Maintenance String Change Only

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