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Color: Black
type: perceptor
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YoYoJoker - EX Body

This part is made for YoYoJoker's customizable EX-Series.

The yo-yos of the EX-Series are comprised of three main parts: the Response Unit, EX Body and Lock Crest. When combined with a bearing, you've got a top class yo-yo on your hands, and you can change the parts out for a different feel.

This part is the EX Body, and just as it sounds, it's the actual yo-yo body. You can change this part out to select a different color for your EX Series yo-yo body.

For other parts for the EX series, check the related items panel.

Please note, this part by itself is not a complete yo-yo, you will need the other EX-Series parts mentioned above. Your Lock Crest and Response Unit need to be for the same size bearing; if you want to change your bearing size, both units will need to be changed.

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