DVD Jo-Tatsu-Ryoku Yo-Yo World Champion Naoto Okada

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DVD Jo-Tatsu-Ryoku Yo-Yo World Champion Naoto Okada

This DVD set lets you learn from the best! (Japanese only)

From Naoto Okada's homepage:
This is my first How-to DVD! Learn how the world's top players practice, and benefit from their knowledge and experience. Learn directly from me, two-time Japan National Yo-Yo Champion and reigning World Champion.

Why do players who practice the same amount get different results? Naoto takes his 15 years of yo-yo experience to explain how to get the most out of your practice time, and to level up quickly and smartly.

Disc 1: Practice methods (46.5 minutes)
Disc 2: Thoughts and ideas (51 minutes)
Disc 3: Technique (34.5 minutes)

Player Profile:
Name: Naoto Okada
Age: 24
Birthdate: December 15, 1987
Performance style: yo-yo
Experience: 15 years. 2 years of training at a Circus school in Gunma.
Current occupation: Combining music and yo-yo into a performance traveling throughout the country.

2008, 2010 Japan National Yo-Yo 4A Champion
2009, 2011 World Yo-Yo 4A Champion

Click here for Naoto's performance blog.

Naoto's yo-yo recommendations can be found here. By purchasing yo-yos he's recommended through this page, a portion of the profits will go to help support Naoto and his performance.

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