Duncan Yo-Yo Storage Satchel (Yo-Yo Bag) (OLD)

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Duncan Yo-Yo Storage Satchel (Yo-Yo Bag)

Store your strings, yo-yos, and accessories in this massive yo-yo case!

This large bag is a convenient way to safely carry a large amount of yo-yos and gear with you. The internal sponge protects everything and keeps it all from banging together. The flap contains pockets to carry strings and pamphlets and other thin items.

The small bag carries 12 yo-yos, while the large version can carry 24 (you can stack two in the holes for the larger version). The deeper holes accommodate more gear, strings and part cases as well. If you've got a big collection to lug around, this is your new bag!

If you just want to carry a little bit, check out the Yo-Yo Pouch.

Sizes: W x L x H
S: 31 x 24 x 7cm
L: 31 x 24 x 12cm

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