Duncan Spin Oil

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Duncan Spin Oil

For smooth play and long sleepers, this oil will help keep your bearings spinning for a long time to come.

This oil is intended for bind-response bearings. Just the tiniest bit of dirt in the bearing can have a huge impact on performance or cause the bearing to make a strange sound when it spins. When that happens, just take a drop of this oil to the bearing and watch your problems melt away. This bit of maintenance will help preserve your bearing's lifespan as well. For those of us who have lost new bearings to a bit of dirt, there's no need to convince us of the value of this oil. Compared to a dry bearing, this oil will shorten your long sleeper slightly, but the difference is barely noticeable.

Please be sure you are using this oil with "Bind Response" model yo-yo's only.

Here is our guide to oiling your bearings.

The oil packages in our current stock are almost all leaking out of the container to some extent. The plastic bags the containers are in are almost all slightly damp with oil. Due to this, we cannot accept any requests for returns or exchanges of this product. Knowing this in advance, customers who still wish to purchase this item may do so. If the oil container you receive is sticky or leaky, please wipe it with a tissue and store the container in an upright position to avoid further leakage.

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