Duncan Silicone Stickers ID 13.7mm x8

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Duncan Silicone Stickers ID 13.7mm x8

8 pack of Duncan Genuine silicone response pads, sized especially for the Screaming Eagle Series (Mayhem, Diversion 1.0, etc).

These genuine Duncan silicone response pads are sized exclusively for the Hardcore Series yo-yos. They produce a strong response, but are thin for extra smoothness; these stickers are a superb response system. They have a longer life than non-silicone stickers, and silicone pads have become the mainstream response system for string play.

For use with yo-yos compatible with 13.7mm silicone stickers, such as Mayhem, Momentum, Diversion 1.0, etc

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Brand Duncan
Weight (g) 1.0

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