Duncan Friction Stickers x48

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Duncan Friction Stickers x48

48 Pack of Duncan genuine friction pads.

These friction pads are genuine duncan products. Compared to silicone they tend to wear out more quickly, but their soft material gives a snappy response that many prefer for looping purposes. Even though many companies have released different response systems made from various materials, these friction stickers are still firmly supported by the community.

For use with yo-yos compatible with friction stickers, such as the Freehand, Throw Monkey, Flying Panda, etc

Click here for the 8-pack
Click here for the 2-pack, if you just want to test the pads

For bind-response yo-yos, we recommend the Duncan Silicone Stickers, be sure you are getting the right size response pads for your yo-yo.

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Brand Duncan
Weight (g) 1.0

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