Digamma Crash (Sakura Edition)

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‌C3yoyodesign - Digamma Crash

A wide-bodied polycarbonate of the Gamma Crush. Characterized by its "heavy but soft" feeling.

*This is a special edition version with a custom sakura (cherry blossom) design.

This is a metal-rim polycarbonate model of C3yoyodesign's popular Crash series. It has a machined polycarbonate body with a stainless steel rim, and is wider than both the Cyber Crash and Gamma Crash, but slimmer than the Poly Crash, a model that was made of the same material.

This change in size makes this yo-yo feel heavier and softer than the Poly Crash, even though it weighs about the same. In addition, the blasted stainless steel rim not only suppresses sleep loss to the touch, but also affects the overall feel of the yo-yo, which is at the core of both its strength and smooth turnability.

The metal rim's smooth sleep alone is enough to recommend it as a main model in competitions, and its unique playfeel is addictive. It may be a cliché to say, but this is the type of yo-yo that "the more you use it, the more you fall in love with it."

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