Crucial Ceramic Bearing (Size C)

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Crucial - Ceramic Bearing (Size C)

Ceramic balls make the world go round!

This Crucial Bearing 2 is now loaded with ceramic balls. You'll quickly notice the difference in your play once you start throwing ceramic. Taking all the developments put into the Crucial 2 Bearing, then adding the smooth action of ceramic balls to pull out the full potential of your string trick yo-yo. This is Crucial's trump card.

Please double check your yo-yo's specs to make sure this part is compatible. Yo-Yos that use Size C bearings include Protostar, Grind Machine, PHENOMizm, Stargazer, Sleipnir, etc.

More Information

Brand Crucial
Weight (g) 1.0
Bearing Type Curved and Grooved
Bearing Size Size C (Large)

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