CLYW Slackline String

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CLYW Slackline String

Something new from our friends in Canada!

Poly Lemon - 100% Polyester string. Hardly has any elasticity to it, and does not stretch or wear out over time. This string retains its qualities until you decide to change it out. Its special feature is the beautiful shapes you create doing slack tricks.

Our staff believes this string has about the same thickness as the K String Nylon 1.5.

Hybrid Lime - Polyester and Nylon 50/50 mix string. Just a little thicker than the standard non-brand string, this string’s characteristic trait is its smoothness. It has a lightness that is surprising for its thickness, and jumps into slack tricks with ease.

Our staff believes this string has a similar thickness to the K String Poly 100 XL string.

The feeling and play style of a string varies greatly from player to player, please understand that the opinions of our staff about string may or may not reflect your own experience.

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