Chico Anything Kit (Old)

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Chico Anything Kit (Old)

With this kit, you can turn anything into a yo-yo. A great new way to think about yo-yos, and an opportunity for you weekend carpenters.

A new innovation from Chico Yo-Yo Company, a kit that turns things into yo-yos. With just a couple discs, an axle, a bearing and response pads, you just need to find something to serve as a body. You can pick anything, and the sides don't even have to match, go wild!

approximate dimentions:
total height 10.7mm
disk height 3.21mm
diameter 25.37mm
axle outer diameter 6.43mm
axle diameter 4.08mm
axle hole size M4
axle length 12.71mm

More Information

Brand Chico Yo-Yo Company
Weight (g) 1.0

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