Candy Dice Balloon feat. Ryuto Nishikawa

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Candy Dice Balloon feat. Ryuto Nishikawa

Candy Dice is proud to introduce its first round counterweight!

Made of TPU material, the "Balloon" is a balanced counterweight that is a complete change from the "Bubble" and was created with the aim of being easy to use.

There are two ways to attach it to the string. One is to wrap the finger hole around the groove, like many other candy dice, and the other is to attach it using core parts (sold separately) after putting it through the hole like Comet and others. Both methods can be easily detached without removing the string from the yo-yo.

Since the fall of 2022, we have made many prototypes and tested them with Mr. Nishikawa. Candy Dice has never dared to make a round counterweight, but this time we took on the challenge at his request. We have taken into account the opinions of active players and made it easy to use. Try this new challenge from Candy Dice!

*Although the balloon consists of two parts, it is designed not to disassemble when used by putting the string through the hole.

Due to the manufacturing method and materials, there may inevitably be many string pulls (like whiskers) on the surface. If this bothers you, please cut it off with nippers, etc.

How to use

(1) In the case you're attaching a finger hole to the groove (groove)

(2) Using the method of stringing through the hole and fastening with core parts, etc.

Other methods, such as attaching a Duncan die, can also be used for installation.


  • Candy Dice may look delicious, but this is a plastic product. Never put it in your mouth or eat it.
  • There are lamination lines on the surface of the weight, but this is a product specification.
  • There may be some thread pulling (like whiskers), support (base) marks, or processing marks on the surface that are not a problem for use. If you are concerned about them, please cut them off with nippers, etc.
  • All the work is finished by hand. There may be slight individual differences.
  • There is a possibility that the product may be damaged if it collides with yo-yos or other objects during intense play, or if it is dropped on concrete or other hard floor surfaces. Please handle with care.

More Information

Brand Candy Dice
Signature Ryuto Nishikawa
Weight (g) 13.6
Diameter (mm) 27.46
Width (mm) 28.67

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