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Candy Dice Unkle feat. Steve Brown

Big! Easy to handle! And soft! The oversized Candy Dice, a collaboration with Steve Brown, founder of Counterweight (5A), has been updated.

The material has been changed to TPU, and by taking advantage of the adhesive properties of 3D printed material and manufacturing in one piece instead of the conventional split structure, the dice are now softer and more impact-resistant, while maintaining the 27mm diameter that is characteristic of the Unkle!

Another version of the counterweight "Candy Dice" developed under the concept of "anyone can easily play, start, and enjoy 5A. This model is a collaboration with Steve Brown, National Yo-Yo Master and founder of Counterweight style.

This Unkle is a huge candy dice with a diameter of 27mm, which is sure to look great on stage! This is a confident product that surpasses the 25mm diameter of the European Champ model "PK" and is based on the design know-how of that model, so it is a large counterweight that is "easy to use" rather than sacrificing operability.

As with the PK, the concern that "large counterweights are too bulky and cumbersome to use" has been resolved through a manufacturing method unique to 3D printers. By reviewing the internal structure, we have achieved a large dice, without compromising the core user experience of a smaller dice. Despite its large size, it can be used with most common string trick models.

In fact, the larger size makes it easier to track its position and catch the weight in tricks where the weight is moving at high speed.

It was not easy for Candy Dice, which has created many player models, to create such a large counterweight, because it was extremely difficult to balance the weight against the yo-yo itself. However, in order to collaborate with Steve, a hero of the development team, they created many prototypes and delivered them for testing across the ocean in the U.S. He tested them one by one, and chose the best one for himself, and then that's what became the final product.

The Unkle was a new challenge for Candy Dice. Without any compromise, it is an oversized die that can be easily adapted to all kinds of counterweight tricks, and will be a great benefit to those who are just starting out with 5A play, as well as those on the performance stage, with its excellent visibility and catchability.

Due to the manufacturing method and materials, there may be many threads (like whiskers) on the surface. If this bothers you, please cut it off with nippers, etc.


  • Candy Dice may look delicious, but this is a plastic product. Never put it in your mouth or eat it.
  • There are lamination lines on the surface of the weight, but this is a product specification.
  • The surface of the weight may have some thread pulling (like whiskers), support (base) marks, or processing marks that are not a problem for use. If you are concerned about them, please cut them off with nippers, etc.
  • All the work is finished by hand. There may be slight individual differences.
  • There is a possibility that the product may be damaged if it collides with yo-yos or other objects during intense play, or if it is dropped on concrete or other hard floor surfaces. Please handle with care.

More Information

Brand Candy Dice
Signature Steve Brown
Weight (g) 9.9
Diameter (mm) 27.09
Width (mm) 26.95

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