Candy Mute Ring for Cyber Crash 2 (2pcs)

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Candy Mute Ring for Cyber Crash (2pcs)

This mute ring is designed to reduce the sound when your 3A yo-yos hit each other.

The ring has two sides. The marked side is the reverse side (body side). The ring with the square inner diameter is the front side, and the rounded one is the back side.

It happens to the best of us, the more we play with two strings, the more chance we have to clacker them together by accident. This is a sign that you're pushing yourself, and it's a good thing! But that sound can make your heart leap into your throat...

This 3D-printed accessory was designed by Candy Dice and REWIND, meant to deaden the sound of two yo-yos hitting each other. This is a comment issue in 3A (two-handed string trick) play, so it's recommended for 3A players. Just installing this on the side of your yo-yos will reduce the resonance of those ringing bells, so your ears won't ring with your mistakes. Installing and removing them is easy, and they also have the added effect of giving you some added weight right where you need it!

Set includes a pair of these rings, for use on both sides of a single yo-yo.

The color is just for looks, so you can match it up to your yo-yos for extra style points.

Weight: about 1.3 grams per ring

*Please be aware, these rings are compatible with a limited number of yo-yo models!

Designed for Cyber Crash, and any yo-yo with a side face with a similar lip in the side face.


  • These items are 3D printed, and my distort or break if mishandled.
  • Bimetal yo-yos naturally make less sound, so these mute rings have a negligible muting effect when used on those models.
  • Please don't install on models that don't fit well, as the ring my fly off during play.
  • Due to different temperature and the unique nature of 3D prints, we cannot guarantee completely uniform sizes, but they are within tolerable limits.

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