Candy Dice Pro Unkle feat. Steve Brown (Old)

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Candy Dice Pro Unkle feat. Steve Brown

It's Huge! But wait, it's easy to use? This oversized Candy Dice was made in collaboration with Steve Brown, the founder of Counterweight (5A).

Another take on Candy Dice's mantra of making 5A easy for everyone to learn and enjoy, this time with the help of US National Yo-Yo Master and founder of counterweight play, Steve Brown!

The Unkle is a huge Candy Dice with a diameter of 27mm, which is sure to look great on stage! It is slightly larger than the 25mm European Champion "PK" Model, but manages not to lose any playability or control with this change in size.

Just as the PK broke the "mold" and showed that with 3D printers it was possible to design excellent overweight counterweights, Unkle pushes that even further. Taking the old "three-piece" construction of conventional production methods, the inner body was reimagined, and the result is a remarkable dice with even lower air resistance, for snappy and eye-catching moves! It quickly and easily turns just about any string trick model into a quality 5A setup.

In reality, it's easier to track with your eyes, making it easier to maneuver and change directions at high speeds, as well as catch it.

Before, it was difficult to make oversized counterweights because it was hard to find the right yo-yo to match its weight balance. This has been a big challenge over the years for Candy Dice, over many prototypes and iterations. But thanks to their collaboration with Steve, the hero of the development team who personally and extensively tested every prototype, they finally found the perfect balance to marry to any yo-yo.

The Unkle will help take you over that horizon, into uncharted territories. With its great visibility and ease of use, and compatibility with a wide range of throws, it's sure to be a power-up for all 5A performers out there, and a perfect intro model for the counterweight-curious!

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