Candy Dice Pro Square

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‌Candy Dice Pro Square

Based on the original Candy Dice Pro, the Pro Square combines an inner bearing and resin body.

When Shingo "Terry" Terada launched the famous Candy Dice series, his first model was his own signature "original" version. This is the upgraded version of that original vision.

The shape is almost identical to the original, like a cube wrapped with a rounded bubble shape. The biggest changes are in the body material and the use of an inner bearing.

First, the resin casting gives the Pro Square a smoother, softer surface. It has a nice translucency to it, but it's not just for aesthetics; this version is a little harder than the original, and in case it entangles with the string, it'll smoothly glide out of the string.

Then, there's the bearing. Aside from the huge benefit of automatically controlling the twist in your string during play, it also concentrates more weight in the center of the counterweight, which has a slight change in the playfeel of the counterweight itself, like the moment you pull it back to your hand. It has the same amazing level of control as the original Candy Dice, adding the weight is like adding a ton of power to it, creating a powerful new weight balance in your equation.

"It's no stretch to call it another signature model," Terry has said, "the playfeel is perfect. Any Candy Dice fan will be able to overcome their personal obstacles with this." The Pro Square has his stamp of approval for first time counterweight players, and 5A competitors alike.

About Candy Dice:
2001 X Division world champion and REWIND Shibuya store manager, Shingo "Terry" Terada joined forces with 3D printing mastermind Hideki Toho (AKA YOYOMAKER) to focus solely on the other side of the 5A string, focusing exclusively on counterweights.

"We want to foster a style of 5A play that makes it easy for anyone to pick up and try" was the concept at its heard, and so they innovated new ways to easily add a counterweight to a 1A yo-yo. This ease of use set them apart from other options, and they've never stopped innovating, with many collaborations with other makers, including the original Duncan. They keep things fresh with cool new colors in limited runs, making them great collectables.

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