Candy Dice Pro PK

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Candy Dice Pro PK

This extra large Candy Dice was made for 2019 European (EYYC) 5A champion and CLYW's famous team member, Petr Kavka (PK).

The difference is big! The PK is a full 3mm larger than standard Candy Dice, with a dimension of 25mm per side. In order to preserve the feel of throwing with a standard Candy Dice Pro, the internal density has been adjusted to keep a similar weight, making the PK a perfect counterweight for use with any yo-yo, for players who are looking for a bigger target.

Looking at a big counterweight, you might expect it to move slowly and be heavy in the hand, or do a lot of damage if it hits something it shouldn't, but Candy Dice carefully adjusted the way the PK is printed and increased the curvature of the edges to keep the dice moving fast and light, and keeping that damage to a minimum. Candy Dice didn't just blow up the Pro to make the PK, they redesigned it from the ground up to ensure the optimal playing experience for 5A champions and newbies alike. Whether you need that extra visibility on the contest stage, or because you're just getting started, or if you just have big hands, give the PK a toss!

Please note:
These dice are 3D printed, and the "layered" texture is a result of the manufacturing process. These are made one at a time, and there may be slight variations from one dice to the other.

We know they look delicious, but please remember that these are dice, and not actually candy! They are made of plastic, please do not try to eat them!

One concern players have when starting 5A is hitting themselves. While it won't be painless, the best way to thread your Candy Dice is to position the string at the corner of the dice, as it will help lessen the shock if you do hit yourself.

Lastly, although they are made from strong plastic, they might still get damaged if you hit hard surfaces like the ground or your yo-yo at high speed. Please play carefully to ensure a long life with your Candy Dice.

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