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Candy Dice Pro Original

The Candy Dice is the breakout star product of 2001 X division world champion and REWIND Shibuya store manager, Shingo "Terry" Terada. This is much-loved original design.

Candy Dice is the brainchild of 2001 World X-Division champion, Shingo "Terry" Terada, who also is the REWIND Shibuya Store Manager. He teamed up with 3D printing artisan Hideki Toho (of YOYOMAKER) to make the first company to focus solely on developing innovative counterweights.

The core concept of Candy Dice is the bring the 5A style within reach of players of all levels, by making it as easy as possible to install and remove the weight to switch between styles of play. The other aspect of his design is to create "delicious" looking dice worthy of collecting on their own merits. His clever designs and hot colors have quickly made Candy Dice a hit. While there weren't too many options for counterweights early on, once Candy Dice hit the scene the variety and depth of 5A can finally be felt and enjoyed.

The biggest feature of this dice is that it's designed to make it super easy to try 5A with any string trick yo-yo, just opening the finger loop and dropping in the Candy Dice. The deep grooves on the side grab the string and hold the loop in place, meaning you can swap between styles in seconds. If you install it so your string connects to your dice at the corner, you'll find that it helps avoid pain if/when you hit yourself with the dice.

This R6 model is a throwback to the original Candy Dice that kicked off this legend. The R6 is the base design for all the current variations, but the one thing that doesn't change is the incredible amount of control you get with the Candy Dice; that level of control is what makes this counterweight an instant classic. You can also collect all of the limited edition colors of the Candy Dice, and coordinate them with your yo-yo for a well balanced look.

Please, give Candy Dice a throw, and you'll discover the depths of 5A play!

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